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Folder Board Policy (3 Files)
Download CCBOE Drug and Alcohol Policy Final 2015.pdf
Download CCBOE Drug and Alcohol Policy Final 2015_1.pdf
Download Computer Usage Policy Approved.pdf
Folder ERATE FY2015 (3 Files)
Download Crenshaw County RFP LAN FY2015
Download Bid 2015-001 Q&A
Download Fiber Runs
Folder Tech Staff (1 Files)
Folder Technology Resources (1 Files)
Folder Apple iPad and Mac Book Pro Tech Tools and Tricks (2 Files)
Download 50 useful iPad Tips and Tricks.docx
Download Mac Book Pro Tech Tips.docx
Folder Apps for Teachers (1 Files)
Download App Virtual.pdf
Folder InFocus (4 Files)
Download INFocus - Ad Hoc Reporting Tool.pdf
Download INFocus - Administration.pdf
Download INFocus - Preloaded Reports and Dashboards.pdf
Download INFocus - Tips And Tricks.pdf
Folder InformationNOW Teacher Manuals (4 Files)
Download Classroom Attendance
Download Classroom Grade Book
Download Lunch Counts
Download Tri-Fold Teacher Quick Guide
Folder InformationNOW Administrator Manuals (3 Files)
Download 2012-2013 Start of Year Procedures
Download 2013 State Enrollment and Withdrawal
Download Scheduling
Folder Technology Course of Study (1 Files)
Download Technology Course of Study