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2012-2013 Year in Review

All schools made AYP!

2012-2013 Year In Review

As we approach the end of the school year, let me thank each of you for your commitment to the students of Crenshaw County Public Schools. Please reflect with me on the many wonderful accomplishments of this past year.

All schools made adequate yearly progress.  Many people do not realize what an accomplishment this is for an unit school, as all aspects, (graduation rate, ARMT scores, attendance, etc.…) is applicable.  Not so long ago, I reviewed a former Crenshaw County report that showed us making 60% of our goals.  Today, the bar is higher and the goals more numerous.  Congratulations, one more time, for making 123 goals out of 123!

Graduation Rate
To be figure in the upcoming year's school status, whatever that may be, is our system's graduation rate of 90%. This is 16% higher than that of the state's.  Way to go Crenshaw County!
AdvancEd, Compliance monitoring and audit personnel have all come and gone.  Minimal responses were required for AdvancED and Compliance Monitoring reports.  Yet-to-be released audit reports will be superb!!!! More information will be released after the June Board Meeting.  Pre-kudos to all who touch the money!
Diversified Curriculum
We have had much success with many of our new course offerings.  The art, drama, choir, foundations of health, etc.… classes have afforded our students opportunities never experienced before.  Unexpected was the near instant success of students receiving scholarships. 
Brantley School athletics experienced a banner year in bringing home “Big Blue” in the areas of football and girls basketball.  Near misses were experienced by the BHS boys and LHS basketball teams.
Coaches of the Year
Coach Andrew Kilcrease, Coach David Lowery and Coach Richard Dorsey all received Coach of the Year awards. Great job coaches!
We are proud of all organizations and know that each experienced much success.  Highlighting the year were:   “HOSA goes to Nationals” and "BHS FFA Named Top 5 in the State.”  Great job to all!
Blog News
Yes, we keep data on everything.   The blog has proven to be an excellent means of communicating with stakeholders.  Best of all, it is free.  We have had nearly 72,000 hits in almost 1.5 years. The number one blog this year was about a sixth grader who saved his family.  Thanks to all who supply the information.

Academic Competitions
We love to compete!  Kudos to all who helped with the math, science, spelling and gifted competitions!  We look forward to expanding these events in the near future. 
Facility Improvements
We have almost forgotten that prior to this year, two gymnasiums did not have air conditioning.  How nice it was to sit in a cool facility and enjoy events this past year. 
Doing More with Less
In the first “Commitment,” I mentioned a loss of  $1 million in salary and benefits by way of Federal stimulus funds, the increase in the classroom divisors, and the fact that we were exiting three consecutive years of proration.  Though we have traveled noticeably lighter over the past few years, we have still accomplished all of the aforementioned and so much more.
Again, thank you all for a job well done. Per your efforts, our students will better prepared for life than before.  I hope you all have a great summer.