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Pupil-Parent Responsibilities For Care Of Textbooks Owned By The Crenshaw County Board of Education

  • All textbooks issued are the property of the Crenshaw County Board  of Education and shall be retained for normal use only during the period pupils are engaged in the course of study for which the textbooks are selected.

  • Textbooks issued to pupils may be used in the same manner and to the same extent as though such books were owned by the pupil; except that pupils must recognize their responsibility for the proper care of books checked out to them by observing the following practices:

Keeping the book clean inside and outside

Refraining from marking the book with pen or pencil

Keeping the pages free from fingerprints

Avoiding turning down, tearing, or otherwise damaging pages

Refraining from placing the book where it may become soiled or damaged by the weather

Keeping the book protected with a book cover

  • Parents and pupils must accept liability for any loss, abuse, or damage (determined by the issuing teacher) in excess of that which would result from normal use.

A. For such loss or damage, the pupil will be assessed a variable of:

1.  Full price for books that are new when issued.

2.  Seventy-five percent of the book's full price if the book has been used one to three years

when issued.

3.  Fifty percent of the book's full price if the books has been used more than three  years when issued.

B.  No textbook will be issued to any pupil until all charges for lost or damaged textbooks have been


  • All textbooks will be returned to the issuing school by the pupil when he is promoted or transferred and when he terminates his attendance for any other reason.