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Folder 100 Ways for Parents (1 Files)
Download 100 Ways
Folder 100 Ways for Parents in Spanish (1 Files)
Download 100 Ways for Parents to Be Involved Spanish.pdf
Folder 2015 SIR Report (1 Files)
Download 2014-15 Sir Report
Folder 2015-16 Code of Conduct (1 Files)
Download 2015-16 PDF Final Revised Code of Conduct 2015-2016 Crenshaw County_2.pdf
Folder Board Meetings (3 Files)
Download Board Meeting 08/01/2016
Download Board Meeting/Work Session 07/18/16
Download Intent to Award a Guaranteed Energy Cost Savings Contract 7/18/2016 6:00 P.M.
Folder CCBOE Employee Drug Policy (1 Files)
Download CCBOE Employee Drug Policy.pdf
Folder Crenshaw County Overtime Policy (1 Files)
Download Crenshaw County Overtime Policy (1).pdf
Folder EL District Plan 2015-16 (1 Files)
Download EL Policy-1.pdf
Folder Events Calendar (1 Files)
Download March Event Calendar
Folder Homeless Education Program (1 Files)
Download Homeless Education Program.docx
Folder Job Postings (13 Files)
Download Assistant Principal K-12
Download Book Keeper
Download Bus Driver
Download CCBOE Alternative Ed Teacher Aide
Download Elementary Counselor and Intervention Teacher
Download Elementary Teacher
Download K-4 Elementary Teacher
Download K-4 Instructional Paraprofessional Aide
Download Potential-High School Collaborative Teacher
Download Secondary English Teacher
Download Secondary High School Math Teacher
Download Secondary History Teacher/Coaching Preferred/Not Required
Download Speech Language Pathologist Asst. 1/2 Day Elementary Collaborative Teacher 1/2 Day
Folder McKinney - Vento Rights and Services (1 Files)
Download Determining Eligibility for Rights and Services Under the McKinney-Vento Act-1.pdf
Folder Parental Involvement Plan (1 Files)
Download Parental Involvement Plan.docx
Folder Title II (1 Files)
Download TITLE II – High Quality Teaching and Learning.docx
Folder Compensatory Time (FLSA) (0 Files)
Folder Curriculum and Instruction (1 Files)
Download Ch4 Crenshaw Co Adopted 06.17.13.pdf
Folder Revised Board Policy (6 Files)
Download Unit 2
Download Unit 3
Download Unit 6
Download Unit 7
Download Unit 8
Download Unit 9